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Silver Opalite Tiara Circlet

Silver Opalite Tiara Circlet

Beautiful handmade silver plated circlet which is crafted from just two lengths of wire to emulate traditional Celtic knotwork.

Perfect for brides and bridesmaids, handfastings, re-enactment, elven, faerie, or pagan ceremonies.

The circlet features a divine faceted opalite moonstone in the center and small round opalite moonstones around the sides. 

The circlet is open at the back with loops which allow ribbon or cords to be attached. You can also pin the circlet into place if preferred. Because the entire circlet is handmade it is flexible and very comfortable to wear. You can happily wear this wonderful headpiece all day and right through the evening.

The design element of the circlet measures 22.5cms (9 inches) across and 3cms (1 and a quarter inch) from top to bottom at the centre. The full circumference of the circlet is 52cms (20 and a half inches)

Each of my circlets is made with care and love in the beautiful English County of Kent. 
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