Welcome to Sweet Chestnut Designs - Celtic, Medieval and Elven Inspired Circlets Tiaras & Crowns

I've been a wire and jewellery artist for over ten years, having studied engineering I have always been creative I found my passion in metal.

After spending several years building an award winning bridal accessories business in rural Scotland, I took a break to find a more organic direction and spent some time learning the art of silversmithing at Glasgow School of Art.

I am now based in the South East of England, using the skills and inspiration from Scotland and enjoying the gentle weather and of course the Darling Buds of May.

Most of my inspiration is Celtic, Medieval and Elven, I also draw ideas from nature.

Today, my work sells all over the world to all sorts of people and outlets for many occasions from bridal, hand-fastings, pagan ceremonies and historic re-enactments to theatre and television productions as well as elvish events.

As well as my website you can also find my work in my Etsy shop 'SweetElvenChestnut' just click on the link below to visit and read reviews of my work en_isell_1.png

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